Lord Tiberius

The Lord Protector of Neverwinter


Well-built man of middle age, dressed in fur lined robes.


Tiberius is a confident and charismatic man of middle age. He is a good host, and gives visitors his full attention. He declared to the adventurers that his aims are to restore order and prosperity to Neverwinter, and he would welcome aid in combating rebellious locals who look onto their own power and prestige. Tiberius is sympathetic to efforts to discover and restore Delzoun. He told of how he helped fund an expedition to find Delzoun half a year ago, but he heard nothing of it since it set out. In exchange for services to maintain order in Neverwinter, Tiberius pledges to give the adventurers access to the House of Knowledge to research Delzoun and Velantis. He will also cover expenses at the Moonstone Mask while the party is carrying out missions for him.

Lord Tiberius

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