Otis Mithrilaxe

Heir to Delzoun



Race: Dwarf

Specialty: Reaver


Break an Object, Recall Lore (military), Recall Lore (subterranean), Sense Motive


Hardy: Gain advantage on HP recovery rolls during short rests


Since you were a child, your parents made sure you knew you had the blood of the kings of Delzoun – that ancient fallen kingdom of the Dwarves of the North. You were raised on stories of the great deeds of your forefathers, and of the great underground city of Gauntlgrym. Its mithral gates, vast airy galleries, and mighty forge where powerful enchantments were crafted into legendary weapons, armour, and the grown of Delzoun itself. The great city is long destroyed, assaulted by orcs and overwhelmed by darker things from deep in the earth. Your father told you never to forget that you are the heir of that great kingdom, though other dwarves make the same claim. Then one night soon after your father died, you awoke from a fitful sleep to see ghosts clad in vestments of ancient times. They beseeched you to return to Gauntlgrym and restore the kingdom.

After long soul-searching, and in spite of the doubts and skepticism of your neighbours, you set off for Neverwinter, the largest city in the region where Gauntlgrym is said to lie. Nobody knows the exact location of the legendary dwarf-hold, but perhaps you can find clues in this strange city that is itself recovering from a catastrophe that nearly destroyed it.

Dwarven exile

Otis Mithrilaxe

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