Erevan Siannodel

Eladrin Guardian



Recall Lore (magical), Recall Lore (natural), + any two


Feywild Will: +5 to Wisdom saving throws


Centuries ago, the great elven kingdom of Velantis fell to waves of orc invaders. The diminished elves of the regions make a fateful decision to take advantage of a confluence of the spheres to abandon Velantis in the mundane world and return to the ancient homeland of all elves – the Feywild. The exodus of the elves of Iliyanbruen was desperate and fraught with peril from the dark fey and other hostile natives of the Feywild. But over time, they built a new kingdom in the Feywild, and called themselves the Eladrin. Your people came to know Velantis only from song and lore.

As a child, you took a keen interest in the forest city of legend, and collected all of the lore about Velantis and the surrounding mundane lands that you could find. When Eladrin sages determined that another confluence of the spheres would open a brief portal to the mundane plane, you volunteered to be part of the small expedition that would return to Velantis and discover the fate of the lost kingdom’s legendary locations and artifacts. Along with four others, you stepped through the barrier between worlds, knowing the portal would close behind you for a year, and emerged into the ruins of Velantis. You were horrified by the depredations wreaked on your homeland. The kingdom’s ancient tree-cities had fallen into ruin, their artwork, treasures and holy icons looted or defaced.

After a fortnight of exploration and disheartening discoveries, your small group prepared to set out for the nearby city of Neverwinter to learn what you could about the history and current disposition of the region’s peoples. If you could return with some of the ancient knowledge or artifacts taken from Velantis, you could ease some of the pain that your discoveries would cause your people back in the Feywild. On a clear evening, you went alone to a forest glade to study the star constellations in this strange world. Though there were no clouds in the sky, you heard peals of lightning from the direction of your comrades. Returning to the camp, you found three of your comrades slain – stricken down by lightning and savaged by the great wolves that left prints in the forest floor. You searched desperately, but could not find any sign of the leader of your expedition – Emriel. After returning to bury the remains of your friend, you set off alone to the half-destroyed city of Neverwinter, to carry out your mission alone in a strange and hostile world.

Eladrin in forest

Erevan Siannodel

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