Osborne Highhill

Dead Rat Deserter



Scheme: Treasure Hunter

Race: Halfling

Specialty: Sharpshooter


Gather Rumors, Intimidate, Search, Sneak, Forbidden Lore, Magical Lore

Isolated Strike


Light Foot
Dead Rat Stealth – Gain advantage on one Stealth check a day


The port city of Luskan is a den of thieves and murderers, run by consortium of gangs and orc war-chiefs. The thieves’ guild known as the Dead Rats is one of the most powerful of those gangs. Its members are known for their stealth, their ruthlessness, and their treachery. Initiation into the gang involves a blood ritual with wererats, imbuing members of the gang with a sneaky and twitchy demeanor, particularly on nights of the full moon. You were rising up the ranks of the guild when a job went bad. The loot in the hold of the visiting Waterdeep merchant ship was much less than was expected. When your partner absconded with all of his share, without paying off the guild, you were brought in for questioning before the guild boss, a Halfling known as Filth Foot. The questioning involved razors and red-hot brands. However, you proved tougher and more resourceful than Filth Foot expected, and you turned the blades on your captors and escaped the hideout of the Dead Rats. Fleeing Luskan in the hold of ship, you made your way to the nearby city of Neverwinter, several days sailing south.

Now that you’ve recovered your strength and your wits, you recognize your good fortune. Neverwinter is a chaotic, at times almost lawless place, with growing commerce and the proximity of treasure in the ruins of the once-rich neighbourhoods and merchant-holds. And yet you remain wary, remembering that the Dead Rats already have a foothold in the city, and Filth Foot will surely be looking to settle scores with a notorious deserter and slayer of his brethren.


Osborne Highhill

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