Cirle Tormbringer

Champion of Torm



Administer First Aid, Recall Lore (religious), Sense Motive, Spot


You cannot be forced to attack an ally under any circumstances. Also, you can receive aid and shelter from a temple of Torm.


As a warpriest of Torm, you stand as a holy champion of justice. You perform deeds of courage and sacrifice not in search of reward from Torm, but because law and order must be preserved. You derive strength from bonds of friendship and loyalty, just as your allies rely on you for support.

In these dark times, the worship of Torm has declined until it is little more than a small cult of warrior-priests wandering the land. The temple where you received your training was one of the few standing. You left its walls two years ago to fight for order against the encroachment of chaos. Word reached you only weeks later that it was assailed by Red Wizards of Thay, desecrated and looted of holy artifacts.

For mutual safety, you joined up with a group of adventurers traversing the wilds east of Waterdeep. On a windswept hilltop your group was assailed by an entire tribe of corpse-eating gnolls. In the desperate fight on the hilltop, your friends fell one by one. In desperation, you drank a potion carried by one of your companions, hoping to invigorate yourself and slay more foes before you were overcome. However, the potion rendered you weightless, and you floated above the grasping claws of the beastmen. Winds blew you beyond the reach of the howling gnolls, who yipped with delight as they devoured your fallen companions. By nightfall you were far from the carnage.

Now you are alone. The forces of chaos seem innumerable and relentless in the assaults on order and justice. But you have heard tell of a great temple of Torm in the half-ruined city of Neverwinter, once Jewel of the North. It is said the priests fled when the walls of that city crumbled under the wrath of the gods 30 years ago. But perhaps it has been re-occupied and restored as a bastion of order. The city is said to crawl with ancient evils and sinister cults. If any place needs the sword of justice to sing a song of retribution, it is Neverwinter.


Cirle Tormbringer

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