The Ashes of Neverwinter

The Kraken Disarmed

After defeating the leaders of the rebellion, the party uncovers a stash of arms – enough to equip dozens of rebels. They also find a note summarizing a future shipment of arms, and a letter from someone named ‘V’ encouraging the Sons of Alagondar to recover the Crown of Alagondar from Castle Neverwinter.

However, on emerging from the war room, they were assailed by rebels from all directions. Fleeing down a side passage, they evaded the grasping tentacles of the Kraken, and emerged on the shores of the river.

Tiberius was pleased to hear that the party lopped off the head of the rebellion, and rewarded them with gold and continued free stay at the * inn. The librarian Lanjis proved utterly mad and obstinate, and has been imprisoned. Now Tiberius’ factotum Baltus has been put to work deciphering the index of the House of Knowledge. Tiberius has promised that when that work is complete, Erevan will have access to the vast library, and may research the fall of *, and the possible location of lost Gauntlgrym.

In the meantime, Tiberius solicited more service from the party – to intercept the shipment of arms at the abandoned seaside village of Gort. On the eve of their departure for Gort, Osborne made contact again with the Dead Rate named Whisper. He asked Osborne if he was interested in doing a smuggling job. Osborne declined. But the knowledge proved useful, when the party took a wagon to Gort and waylaid the smugglers awaiting the shipment. Pretending to be smugglers, they loaded the arms aboard their wagon and returned them to Neverwinter, flushing out the town guards who were involved in the operation. * men swooped in and took down many of the remaining rebels.

Tiberius again rewarded the characters, and expressed great satisfaction that the rebellion of the Sons of Alagondar has been quashed. However, he raised his concern about the Crown of Alagondar falling into the wrong hands and inspiring a new bout of violent strife. If the party could recover the crown from the haunted ruins of Castle Neverwinter, he would help them fund an expedition to Gauntlegrym – assuming they can discover its location.

The party still faces several questions. Who is ‘V’, and why does he or she want the Crown? What will the Dead Rats do now that the Sons of Alagondar are smashed, and when will they learn of the price placed on Osborne’s head by their chief in Luskan? What are the Cultists of Asmodeus up to in Neverwinter, and where did they get their weapons made of arcane black metal from? What happened to Erevan’s comrade **** when the rest of his company were slain, and how did the Eladrin kingdom of * fall? And where is the fabled dwarven city of Gauntlegrym?


Haffrung Haffrung

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